Gardens by the Bay


Singapore’s #1 attraction on TripAdvisor

Singapore’s #1 attraction on TripAdvisor is more than just another beautiful garden. Gardens by the Bay was envisioned as part of a larger plan by the National Parks Board Singapore to transform Singapore from a Garden City to a City in a Garden. Over a decade ago, the Singaporean government sought to develop three world-class gardens on reclaimed land around the Marina Bay waterfront, which the government hoped would draw in local Singaporeans and tourists from around the world. During the 2019/20 fiscal year, Gardens by the Bay received over 13.1 million visitors and has received over 65.6 million visitors since it broke ground in 2008.

Creating community

Biodiversity and sustainability lie at the heart of the Gardens by the Bay. Gardens by the Bay has gained worldwide recognition for their stunning floral displays and massive vertical gardens known as Supertrees. The Supertrees range from 25 to 50 meters tall, and 11 of the Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions, including photovoltaic cells that light up the Supertrees. However, the Gardens by the Bay has not only sought to be a beautiful location for people to visit. This location has also sought to be a national garden that would be accessible to all Singaporeans. Compared to the 47 other locations Basil Labs analyzed, consumer sentiment showed an overall more positive outlook on the accessibility of the Gardens by the Bay (0.926) compared to the average result of all locations analyzed (0.773). The Gardens by the Bay is also perceived to be a very family-friendly location (0.793). The Gardens by the Bay frequently holds events and programs targeted towards the interests of local residents as well as international tourists. Visitors can choose from a variety of programs targeted towards families, couples, or specific interests such as horticulture or photography.

The importance of engagement

By regularly engaging with local stakeholders, the Gardens by the Bay has been able to solidify itself as a well-known and beloved location in the minds of international travelers and locals alike. Community outreach initiatives, such as Gardens by the Bay’s Gift of Gardens program, expand the accessibility of the Gardens to those with lower incomes and/or with disabilities while encouraging other visitors to take a more active role in the Gardens through donations or other programs. While the Gardens by the Bay’s stunning floral displays and innovative designs prove to be a major draw for visitors from all corners of the globe, data on consumer sentiment highlights the success of the Garden by the Bay’s efforts in engaging the local community, leading to a strong level of loyalty to the destination as well.

Researched and written by Maya Crowden

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