Placemaking Around the World

A unique, free-to-use dataset for students, researchers and planning professionals
of consumer perceptions of 40+ downtowns, parks, waterfronts, historic centers and other placemaking neighborhoods.

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About this Project

Placemaking is the process of breathing life into communities by creating vibrant public spaces. Pulling together urban planning, design, and management, these spaces attract tourists and locals alike, encouraging them to actively interact with each other and their environment.

This project is meant to provide students, researchers and planning professionals with the data to analyze public spaces from a quantitative, yet holistic angle. Our partners involved with this project share a belief that listening to and building around communities builds stronger solutions.

By classifying hundreds of thousands of reviews using AI -- of public spaces and surrounding retail locations -- this dataset allows researchers to quantify traditionally qualitative metrics regarding public spaces across the world.

Brooklyn Bridge Park (NYC, USA) ● Skanderbeg Square (Tirana, Albania) ● Jordaan (Amsterdam, Netherlands) ● Cycling, Through Water (Genk, Belgium) ● Berliner Innenstadt (Berlin, Germany) ● Adult Playground (Boston, USA) ● Vila Madalena (San Paulo, Brazil) ● Al-Azhar Park (Cairo, Egypt) ● Cloud Gate (Chicago, Illinois) ● Wusong Wetland Forest Park (Shanghai, China) ● West Lake (Hangzhou, China) ● Spiral Treetop Walkway (Copenhagen, Denmark) ● Level Up (Rijeka, Croatia) ● One Arts Plaza (Dallas, USA) ● Larimer Square (Denver, USA) ● L'Ombriere de Norman Foster (Marseille, France) ● National Garden (Athens, Greece) ● Discovery Green (Houston, Texas) ● Jai Jagat Theatre (Ahmedabad, India) ● National War Memorial (Delhi, India) ● Naqsh-e Jahan Square (Isfahan, Iran) ● Piazza Maggiore (Bologna, Italy) ● Hakone Open-Air Museum (Hakone, Japan) ● Tenri Station Plaza CoFuFun (Tenri, Japan) ● Streets of Korogocho (Nairobi, Kenya) ● Luang Prabang Cycling Bike Streets (Luang Prabang, Laos) ● Old Town of Lijiang (Lijiang, China) ● Canary Wharf (London, UK)

Case Studies

Five case studies leveraging the dataset of places around the world.

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What's included in the dataset:

  • Perception Data Files (CSV)
  • 12 Perception Topics
  • 40+ Public Spaces Globally